Our Green Space


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One of Sarver’s main concerns is staying as “green” as possible. We aim to increase the aesthetic value of each property we service, all while decreasing the carbon footprint we leave behind.

Alternative Fuels

One of the most recent and more eco-friendly practices we have adopted includes transitioning from a gas-powered mowing fleet, to a propane-powered arena. Not only is propane a clean-burning alternative, but propane-powered engines are generally quieter than gas-powered equipment. Noise minimization results in less disruption on each property we service - another perk for our clients!

Sustainable Designs

Our installation designs include Bio-swales, Rain gardens, and the use of more native plants. This ensures longer term sustainability.

Rainwater Recycling

All pesticide applications are done with recycled rainwater from our facility. 

Yard Waste Composting

We compost and reuse yard waste in-house.  This eliminates waste trucking and off-site disposal.

Waste Oil Recycling

Our fleet is serviced by our trained mechanics.  As a result, waste oil is generated.  Our commitment to sustainability includes recycling our waste oil.

Integrated Pest Management

All pesticide applications are done with integrated pest management in mind.  In short, this means that chemicals are used only when necessary.

Landscape Services

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