Landscape Enhancements

Landscape Installation and Enhancements for Pittsburgh, PA


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Creative Solutions for Pittsburgh Landscape Installation

Your commercial property or HOA has the basics - green grass, large trees and sharp weekly maintenance. 

The basics are great, but you need to stand out. If your business or HOA is lacking the features or vibe you've noticed at nearby properties, landscape enhancements are the way to elevate your commercial landscape. 

We provide landscape enhancements for our commercial maintenance clients in Pittsburgh, PA. Enhancements can act as problem-solvers for sore spots in the landscape. They can also add value and beauty to parts of the landscape that have potential but lack definition. 

Our teams can identify these opportunities and help you craft solutions to provide a finishing touch for your commercial landscape. 

Enhancement Services

Landscape Enhancement services to improve curb appeal and add value to your business or homeowner's association.

Turf Installation & Repair

  • Start from seed, get instant-green with sod or rejuvenate an existing lawn. 

Design & Planting

  • Fill in the blanks of your landscape. We'll design and install new planting beds or specimen trees according to green industry best-practices.

Seasonal Color

  • Get an instant pop of color with seasonal color installation. Summer annuals, fall decor and winter interest add year-round flavor to your property.

Drainage & Water Management

  • We'll clear up persistent wet areas in the landscape. Landscape drainage and grading are key to preventing water damage to lawns and structures.

Shrub & Perennial Pruning & Care

  • Rejuvenate mature shrubs and perennials. Horiculturally-correct pruning gives new life to perennials, shrubs & ornamental trees.

Shade Tree & Specimen Tree Installation

Landscape Enhancements for Added Value & Beauty

Nothing in business hurts quite like missed opportunities. 

Your landscape may feel lacking. It may even feel 'good enough.' In either case, you could be missing out on opportunities to beautify and add value to your commercial landscape. 

Landscape Enhancements provide solutions to these underserved parts of the landscape. Our range of enhancement offerings serves to improve your curb appeal, and each is maximized with long-term care provided by our landscape maintenance teams. 

The right time to start growing is now. Get in touch to explore how our designers can recommend new enhancement ideas to make your property one to be envied.

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