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Tree Health Services for Your Pittsburgh Lansdcapes

Certified Arborists in Pittsburgh, PA

Commercial landscaping companies often talk about providing a 'full-service' range of care. 

With a dedicated tree care division helmed by ISA Certified Arborists, Sarver Landscape offers true full-service landscape care. 

For property managers, HOA boards and homeowners, that means there's no need to shop each landscaping service while keeping track of a team of providers. Our teams provide the commercial landscape maintenance we're known for, and our Sarver Tree division is able to handle specialized large tree projects. Whatever your landscape needs, we've got you covered. 

Sarver Tree is staffed by ISA Certified Arborists. That means we've got the right service for your large landscape trees, whether providing care, removals or new tree planting. We proudly display our credentials, and you can relax knowing your landcare provider is truly able to tend to every inch of your outdoor spaces.

What Is an ISA Certified Arborist?


We know that property managers and homeowners have enough work to do. Wrangling a handful of commercial landscape providers to keep a property in order doesn’t top the list of anyone’s favorite projects. 

Sarver Tree is our answer to the too-many-contractors problem. 

ISA Certified Arborists lead our professional tree care division. That means the same group that manages your commercial landscaping account can provide professional and accredited tree care services, helping to manage the large shade trees on your property.

So, what is an ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) Certified Arborist?

ISA Certification is a voluntary program that tests and certifies your achievement of a professional level of knowledge and skill in the field of arboriculture. … Hiring a Certified Arborist provides tree owners and government decision-makers the opportunity to become better informed about proper tree care and their selection of services based on the expertise represented by your credential.

For our clients, that accreditation means there’s no need to juggle multiple contractors to handle care across the landscape. We’ve got you covered.

Tree Care Services for Every Application

Our team of arborists and tree care professionals handles a multitude of large-tree care services in Pittsburgh, PA. That list includes:

  • Brush Removal. Simple brush clearing for a healthy understory and cleaner landscape.
  • Tree Cabling and Bracing. Stabilization to support your tree’s structure and prevent damage. 
  • Consulting. Site assessments, tree health diagnosis and professional recommendations.
  • Diagnostics. Tree pest and disease assessments and mitigation techniques.
  • Expert Witness and Litigation. Certified professional assessments for legal review.
  • Fertilization. Deep-root and soil injections to give your trees a boost.
  • Inventories. Detailed accounting of tree inventories for large properties and neighborhoods.
  • Pest Management. Identification and management of common tree pests and diseases.
  • Pruning. Structural pruning to improve growth, eliminate problems and promote good shape.
  • Removal. Total removals of dead or nuisance trees.
  • Stump Grinding. Removing the entire structure of felled trees, clearing space for new growth.
  • Tree Planting. Design & Installation of new ornamental and shade trees.
  • Tree Protection. Physical measures to protect trees from adverse weather and common pests.
  • Tree Risk Assessment. Professional review of potential tree hazards in the landscape.
  • Tree Valuation. Understanding the value that ornamental and shade trees bring to the landscape.

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